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    LTE Attach Procedure Interview Questions

    Q11. Why Security Mode Command are using 2 times in Attach Procedure?
    Q12. What is the difference between Attach Request, Attach Accept and Attach Complete? And in which messages these informations is present?
    Q13. What is difference between Radio Bearer and EPS Bearer?
    Q14. How many Radio Bearers are uses in LTE?
    Q15. How many EPS Bearers are uses in LTE?
    Q16. Which type of Attach Procedure UE will do to utilize IMS Services?
    Q17. What are the information elements present in Initial Context Setup and which protocol is using?
    Q18. Once UE send Attach Request toward EnodeB then how EnodeB identified the particular MME?
    Q19. Attach Failure Causes?
    Q20. Detach call flow(Procedure)?
    Q21. Who generate IP address for UE? In which message UE get this IP address?
    Q22. How many maximum IP addresses a UE can have in lte?
    Q23. How MME select S-Gw and P-Gw in LTE?
    Q24. How MME get the PDN address of a specific UE in attach procedure?
    Q25. What are the Information Element present in Create Session Request?
    Q26. What are the causes of Authentication Failure?
    Q27. What are the causes of Security Mode Command Failure?
    Q28. What is Service Request?
    Q29. What is the difference between Service Request and Extended Service Request?
    Q30. The RRC-Connection Re-configuration message receive by UE and send by UE in Attach procedure in Which Signalling Radio Bearer(SRB)?
    Q31. What is UE Capability Request,What are the Information Elements present in UE Capability Request?
    Q32. Who send Capability Request message to UE, Why Capability Request is transmition in Attach Procedure 2 times?
    Q33. How many Default and Dedicated Bearer a UE can establish in LTE?
    Q34. Where default bearer is present if UE don’t have DL/UL data?
    Q35. Suppose UE have only partial Default Bearer present and suddenly P-Gw receive Downlink Data then how MME re-activate default bearer?

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